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Why use a specialist?

Banks, your existing mortgage provider and other lenders, only offer their own mortgages. Whereas comparison websites and specialists can select from 1,000’s of mortgages from a wide variety of providers.


Comparison websites search out the best % rates on the market and do not take into account whether they are suitable for you or not and being rejected for a mortgage can have negative consequences for future applications.


Specialists have access to thousands of mortgages too and recommend a mortgage tailored to you and your chosen property that you are most likely to be approved for.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or any other debt secured on it.

Why AVS?

AVS differ from other specialists in two key areas:


1. The standard UK mortgage advisor receives commission based on which mortgage provider they match you to. To provide you with the confidence you need that you are getting the right advice, your personal AVS ‘Consiliario’ is paid a salary with quality-of-service bonuses only.


2. We understand that not many people dream of owing large sums of money to a bank that can repossess your home. Mortgages are a means to an end and what you really want is to own your property. That is why we work with you for as long as it takes, until you are mortgage free. In other words, our focus is on getting you your property by sourcing and advising on financial products that can help you.

We’re ready to help
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